Does Yoigo have good coverage? How is the customer service?

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Good phone and fiber coverage available in large cities
Competitive rates and savings possibility for companies
All-in-one service packages: internet, television, telephone, mobile and energy.

Are you looking for opinions about Yoigo to know whether to hire this telephone and internet company? Do you want to know what offers are in the market? Will they give you a mobile phone?

Well, we are going to talk about all this in this article, but first we want you to get to know this company well. Yoigo is a trademark of the company Xfera Móviles, SAU, a company that in turn depends on the Más Móvil group .

Yoigo, of Swedish origin, went on the market on December 1, 2006 and since then it has grown to become one of the most important operators in Spain . Today there are many services offered and it is not limited to television or the Internet.

In fact, these are all the services that this company can offer us :

  • Fixed telephony
  • Mobile telephony
  • Internet (fiber and 5G)
  • Energy

Opinions about coverage, offers and customer service are good, although there are certain complaints from users regarding coverage when homes are far from cities. With regard to customer service, there are also complaints about the decentralization of this service, although Yoigo is increasingly betting on centralizing customer service in Spain , especially the departments of unsubscription and customer acquisition.

Yoigo offers its services to individuals and companies . For companies, it has an exclusive department for freelancers and SMEs. This is something quite useful for companies that can have a special treatment and save on waiting times to solve their problems.

1. Yoigo offers a large number of offers in fiber, mobile and fixed. You can also create your custom package.
2. Yoigo is closing agreements with other companies to have coverage in any corner of Spain
3. As in most telecommunications companies, customer service can be greatly improved.

Yoigo’s Top Opinions

It is difficult to have a general opinion of Yoigo because each user can have an opinion. Being a company with thousands of clients, each case may be different. In this article we have taken an average of the opinions of Yoigo own and clients, to be able to give the final rating of 4 stars . However, Yoigo is not for everyone and depending on your needs we will recommend choosing them or not. This list of pros and cons of the company will serve you:

👍 Pros
1. Cheap and varied rates
2. Expanded mobile coverage thanks to agreements with other companies
3. High speed fiber connection
4. Possibility of obtaining free mobile phones. These mobiles come free
5. Extra services included in most rates
👎 Cons
1. Ineffective customer service
2. Wi-Fi range reduced by using low-quality materials
3. Penalties for permanence
4. One-off service outages
Errors and charges on invoices

Pros explained

  • As we can see below, Yoigo offers a huge variety of rates . They are 100% customizable and very cheap, plus many come with a discount and can be negotiated if we bring a line to the company.
  • The mobile coverage has been expanded with the acquisition of Yoigo by more mobile. In addition, it also has an agreement with Orange so there is mobile coverage throughout Spain.
  • The fiber connection is up to 1 GB of speed, ranking among the companies with the highest speed offered. The 600 megabyte fiber is symmetrical .
  • Mobile phones can be obtained at zero cost when we make a change in the rate or as a welcome reward. These mobiles are free and you can take them to another company, give them away or even sell them.
  • Many rates come with premium services like TV with Rakuten or discounts on other services.

Cons Explained

  • The attention to the client decentralized, something very common in telecommunications companies, it is the worst valued by customers asked about their opinion of Yoigo. It is slow and ineffective.
  • In larger houses, the Wi-Fi range is not as desired since the company does not use high-quality routers.
  • There are penalties for permanence that force us to be in this company despite wanting to change or, otherwise, pay an amount of money to be able to leave.
  • There are some specific cuts of the internet line detected, they are not usual, but they are quite annoying.
  • Another common complaint when looking for opinions about Yoigo is that there are some errors in invoices and collections that make it very difficult to claim.

Yoigo Fees

The rates Yoigo are of the most varied of the market can find prices for individual services and packages. Although in a first contact the price they give us may be high, it is very negotiable with portability threats or bringing a line from another company.

Mobile contract rates

This is the most popular rate today since it is not necessary to have to recharge the phone every time we run out of balance. We need, of course, to have a bank account so that we can be charged the mobile rate contracted every month.

As we can see in the image of the rates, Yoigo has an offer of 20% discount in the first six months . From € 11.20 per month we can have a mobile line with 3 GB of data and infinite calls. If we want more gigs to surf the internet, the € 20 option is fine, but if we want to have unlimited internet connection, then we have the 32 gig rate which is the most popular.

Prepaid mobile rates

With these rates we will have to pay a prepayment of 10, 15, 20 or 12 euros each month.

The rate of € 10 per month offers us 6 gigs and 200 minutes in calls. The € 15 rate gives us 8 GB and infinite calls. If we want 16 GB we will have to go to the rate of € 20. Finally, if we don’t want internet and we just want to make calls, we have the € 12 rate that will give us unlimited calls, but no gig to be able to connect to the internet.

Mobile + fiber rates

In Yoigo’s mobile plus fiber rates we find the first three options to choose from depending on the speed of the fiber we want to have at home.

The one with 100 megabytes of speed, in turn, has three options depending on how we want to configure our mobile phone:

  • € 49 / month with 100 MB of internet plus landline. Includes a mobile line with 15 GB of internet and unlimited calls. The 2nd mobile line is free.
  • € 59 / month with the same internet speed, but this time it includes a mobile phone with gigabytes and unlimited calls . The 2nd mobile line is also free.
  • € 62 / month, worry zero rate . It includes 100 megabytes of fiber and two mobile lines with infinite calls and gigabytes. In addition to a personal manager and more premium services such as agile TV and Rakuten.

If we want more internet speed, Yoigo offers us the option of 600 symmetric megabytes . It also offers it with a 3-month promotion at the same price as 100 megabytes. From there, the rates will vary € 10 / month more each. The call and internet options on the mobile line is similar to the one seen in the previous rate, the most top being the worry-free rate that includes two mobiles with unlimited calls and internet connection.

Finally we have the rates for those who want an internet speed of 1 GB . In this case there is no promotion and the price to pay is € 69, € 79 and € 82 per month. Depending on whether you want unlimited calls or gigabytes on the mobile phone that goes with this landline + internet line.

Fiber and fixed rates

Yoigo also offers fiber and fixed rates , without the need to hire a mobile phone line. These rates range from 100 megabytes to one giga of speed:

  • Rate of 100 megabytes for 32 euros per month . Includes calls to infinite landlines and 60 minutes of calls to mobile.
  • Rate of 600 megabytes for € 47 per month (three-month promotion at the same price as 100 megabytes). Includes unlimited calls to landlines and 60 minutes to mobile calls.
  • 1 gigabyte rate for € 57 that also includes unlimited landline calls and 60 minutes to mobile.

Finally, there is the option for those who only want a landline . The price is € 14 per month and includes calls to landlines and infinite mobiles.

In addition to all these options, Yoigo offers the option of setting your own rate . From its website you can select your needs and you will get a final price adapted to what you need. This way you will only pay for what you are actually going to use.

Mobile coverage

You have most likely come to this page wondering what Yoigo coverage is like . Does Yoigo always have coverage? In all cities? Well, thanks to the fact that this company uses the coverage of Más Móvil, we can assure that the coverage is very good and in almost any place you will be able to use your mobile phone.

In addition to the network of the Más Móvil group (GSM / 2G, UMTS / 3G and LTE / 4G), the company has reached an agreement with Orange and can use both its UMTS and GSM networks as well as its entire internet connection network by fiber optics.

Without fear of being wrong, we can say that Yoigo is one of the mobile phone companies in Spain with the best coverage and, except in very remote towns, it reaches all of Spain without problems.

Fiber coverage

Although Yoigo is deploying the fiber network throughout Spain with agreements with the main internet companies, it still has a long way to go and at the moment we can only enjoy this company’s fiber network in cities .

Before hiring anything from this company, we recommend checking the coverage in your area to see if you can enjoy fiber . Otherwise you will have to hire adsl and you will suffer great slowness in your connection.

Is Yoigo’s fiber symmetric?

At the moment only Yoigo’s 600 mega fiber is symmetrical . You must take this into account when hiring your service, especially if you upload content to YouTube or stream. With the 600 megabyte fiber you will have 600 upstream and 600 downstream. With the rest, there may be differences between uploading and downloading, the download speed being always higher.

Portability to Yoigo

Yoigo offers promotions and free mobiles for those users who do the portability of their line from another company to Yoigo.

As you can see in the image, Yoigo does not limit itself to offering free phones , it also includes other technology products such as Google Chromecast or a Nest Mini.

You can also get new mobile phones such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy at a reduced price compared to their original price and with payment facilities with monthly installments. You can also get the latest models from Xiaomi, Huawei, LG or Motorla.

Finally, this company also offers discounts on its monthly fees for portability users that usually last from 6 to 12 months. These discounts also include promotions such as free gigs.

All these promotions can be reapplied after the previously set months and it is normal for Yoigo to keep them for you to ensure that you are not lost as a customer.

Yoigo customer service

The most negative opinion about Yoigo focuses on customer service. As we have commented throughout the article, Yoigo’s customer service centers are decentralized, so the attention received does not always please customers.

Saturated phones, long unproductive conversations, the impossibility of solving problems and cuts in calls with customer service are the main problems that users of this company encounter when they want to solve an incident.

It is true that more and more Yoigo is bringing its customer service centers back, but this is usually only in departments such as portability or cancellations, since they are the most critical of the company, but not the most critical of the customer. here you do not usually have problems and if on the incident telephone number.

Extra services

Yoigo has just closed an agreement with Rakuten and offers the majority of its users this extra service completely free of charge. Rakuten is the Japanese Netflix, it has a large number of movies, series and documentaries in Spanish.

In addition, it also has the agile TV service to be able to fast-forward, rewind or record your television, thus improving the experience. This service has a cost of € 3 per month, although in some plans it comes for free and you can get it with portability threats.

Finally, Yoigo has also reached agreements with companies such as DAZN, FlixOlé and StarzPlay to give their customers a free trial of one to three months of these television on demand services.

Yoigo Client

For us, the client is the most important thing, that is why we have the best customer service so that they feel very well, we help them in all their queries and we give them the best feedback.

yoigo invoice

Here you can check your bills and consumption very easily and without waiting we let you know everything you generate and how you can perform to save on your payments for us the client is the most important thing.

⚖️ Conclusion

We have analyzed the main features of the Yoigo service, your opinions and our experience using this service. The result has been 4 out of 5 stars , a very good score because except for customer service and some occasional cuts to very few customers, Yoigo’s service is very good.

We are left, without a doubt, with its rates, its customization options and its coverage among the things to highlight and for which it has received such a positive evaluation. Of course it has much to improve, such as its installed devices to improve the reception of the wifi and the return of its customer service centers. We will update this post if this happens.