When to buy Bitcoin if it is so high

Many of the visitors who come to our website looking for the best cryptocurrency brokers are interested in investing in Bitcoin . A good number of them, seeing this currency always rising, wonder when is the best time to invest and if the opportunity has already passed them.

Of course, this article is not an investment recommendation since it will be you who, analyzing the market, must choose an entry or exit price that you consider. However, it can help you if you don’t know when to buy Bitcoin because it is so high . In fact, right now we see how the price of this cryptocurrency has reached $ 50,000 in a milestone for Bitcoin that has never been achieved before.

Is that the right time to buy? Should we enter all-time highs? What many investors in cryptocurrencies recommend is that the total sum of your investment is divided into different entries . If, for example, you have € 30,000 to invest, make a first entry of € 10,000 at the current price.

The rest of the € 20,000 you keep until the price of Bitcoin goes down. You can enter when they are at $ 40,000 with 10,000 and another € 10,000 when it is at 30,000. In the end, it is normal for Bitcoin to be regularized and there are falls that we can take advantage of to buy and at the end of our investment get a positive balance, reducing risks.

If we decide to invest all our capital in one, it may be that Bitcoin goes down and we get trapped. In addition, we can take advantage of the decreases in our favor and in the event that it rises we will always have bought cheap. Although it is true that although bitcoin is a very volatile currency, experts say that this volatility is going to go down more and more.

For many, bitcoin is a currency that will change everything and it can be a change of pattern in such a way that the currency in common use is this due to its decentralization, security and the non-existence of inflation. So if all this is fulfilled those who say that the btc will go to € 100,000  and more, they may be right. But if this is not seen by our eyes, it is better to enter little by little as we have recommended in this article.

Brokers such as Coinbase or Binance are the most used to buy btc, you can see the opinions that we have collected about them to choose the operator that interests you the most.

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