Santander One

What commissions does Santander One have? How to contract this account? What is the Santander customer service telephone number?

Santander One
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€ 0 per month in commissions if you meet certain conditions.
With the security of belonging to a large bank such as Banco Santander.
More than 7500 ATMs available throughout Spain.

Santander One is a bank account of Banco Santander. This Spanish bank founded in 1857 is one of the most important banks nationwide and has a strong presence in several countries in South America and the United Kingdom.

All the prestige, security and guarantees that this bank offers can be applied to all its products such as this account. The bank has had to renew itself in recent years as electronic banking and fintech companies were gaining ground. Without a doubt, this new account is proof of this renewal.

We wanted to talk with the clients who today have this account to have an opinion of Santander One that adapts to reality. We have also tried it and we have seen first hand everything that this product offers.

1. Santander One does not have commissions if you direct your income and payments and contract a savings / financial product.
2. It is a maximum security account thanks to the guarantee offered by a bank like Santander.
3. If you do not meet the conditions you will have to pay € 20 per month in commissions.

Who is Santander One for?

There are many bank accounts on the market, but depending on your needs you can find better ones and, above all, without commissions . Therefore, if you meet the two necessary requirements to avoid commissions, this product is for you because you will have all the advantages of Santander One at no cost.

The two requirements are to have the income and payments domiciled and to contract a savings, financing or protection product . Of course, if you already have one of these products from the past, you can also benefit from the conditions of this account.

👍 Pros
1. The security of this account is maximum, being 1/6 the risk .
2. There are no commissions if you meet the requirements
3. With Bizum included without commissions
Access to Santander ZOne
👎 Cons
1. Financial requirements in addition to the usual ones
2. It is necessary to go to an office to hire it
3. You can only withdraw cash without commission from Santander ATMs

Pros explained

  • Financial products have a risk indicator that ranges from 1 for the safest to 6 for the riskiest assets. This account has a score of 1/6, the most secure .
  • If you meet the aforementioned requirements of having direct debit income and payments, as well as having a savings, financing or protection product, you will not have to pay any commissions and you will be able to enjoy all the advantages of this account at zero cost.
  • Among the services that this account includes is the possibility of sending money to your contacts with Bizum . This service has no cost for Santander One users, something that has been common in almost any account.
  • Santander has created ZOne , a platform for users of this account where they can access exclusive discounts and promotions.

Cons Explained

  • Normally with direct debit of the income or payments is enough to be able to enjoy an account like this without commissions. On this occasion it is also necessary that you have a contracted financial asset or have shares in the Banco Santander stock market.
  • Despite the evolution of electronic banking, still with Santander it is necessary to go to your branch to do some formalities . Santander One registration must be done in a physical office, although soon everything will be done online.
  • If you are in a city or town where there is no Santander branch, you will not be able to enjoy your money without commission since this is only for Santander ATMs .

Santander One commissions

Santander One is a premium account, so you have to meet certain more demanding requirements than normal to be able to enjoy this account without commission. The requirements are as follows:

Domicile income and payments

It is necessary to have domiciled a payroll or unemployment benefit of at least € 600 per month. It can be a Social Security pension if it is at least € 300. They also accept the payment of the Self-Employed Social Security or the aid of the Agrarian Policy as long as the latter is greater than € 3,000 per year.

In the case of payments, you must direct at least 3 receipts and use the card for purchases or ATMs at least 6 times . All this always taking into account the three months prior to the settlement of the account.

Holding financial products

In addition to the above, which is common, Santander One also requires having at least one financial product . It can be having a pension plan , investment fund or savings plan worth € 5,000 or more.

It can also be useful to have a mortgage loan, renting or consumer loan , as well as protection insurance with a premium of more than € 120 per year.


In an extraordinary way, if the client had shares of more than € 1,000 in Banco Santander SA , the commission to pay for this account would also be € 0.

It may be the case that the client only has one of the two main options, either the income and payments or only the financial product. For these cases, not all clients would pay the same:

  • If the client only complies with the direct debit of income and payments , the commission would be € 10 per month .
  • If the client only complies with the holding of financial products , the commission would be € 10 per month .
  • If you comply with both, the commission is € 0 per month .
  • If you have shares, the commission is € 0 per month .
  • If you are a Private Banking or Santander Select customer, the commission would be € 0 per month .
  • If you do not comply with any of the above, the commission is € 20 per month .


It is difficult to find a bank with greater security than Banco Santander. In addition to the guarantees that all Spanish banks must meet with the guarantee fund for deposits with a maximum value of € 100,000, Santander also has to comply with all international regulations.

Specifically, Santander One has a 1/6 risk assessment , with 6 being the maximum value and 1 the minimum, so the financial authorities, after analyzing this account, have considered granting it the minimum risk value.

In addition to national regulations, Santander is also accountable to its shareholders since it is listed on the Spanish stock market . Again, new news for those interested in Santander One since it is synonymous with quality, seriousness and security that a company is listed on the stock market.

Credit, debit and cash withdrawals

Santander One, for customers who meet the conditions not to pay commissions, also offers the possibility of issuing Santander One Debit, All-In-One Credit and Aplaza Crédito cards . Cards that will allow you to structure your payments and even postpone them if you need it. All this without issuance fee.

With these cards you can withdraw cash at Santander’s available ATMs throughout Spain, which number more than 7,000. If you travel abroad you can also withdraw cash without commission at more than 30,000 ATMs with your Santander One Debit card.


There are no commissions for Santander One users when making a transfer in euros. These transfers can be made from online banking or from ATMs.

Immediate transfers do have a commission and if you want the money to be in the other account instantly, you will have to pay a small commission that is usually between € 0.5 and € 0.9 per transaction. As long as this transfer is standard (24-48 hours), it will be free.

Bizum with Santander One

You also have the option to send and receive money to your contacts with Bizum . Of course, and as with most accounts in our country, this service is free and you only need the recipient’s phone number to send the money you want. Instantly!

Santander ZOne

Santander has rewarded its Santander One clients with an extra service called Santander ZOne . In this web platform you can access endless promotions and discounts that you can take advantage of just for being a customer of this bank account.

Very soon experiences will also be available so that you can enjoy unique places at a greatly reduced price.

Santander One plans

With the intention of offering its clients plans adapted to each one, Santander has presented these plans that will allow you to take your account to the next level, for only a few euros per month.

Digital Security Plan

For only € 3 more per month you will be able to enjoy all the advantages that you see in the image: digital safe, fingerprint erasure and digital legal protection for your family. If you want to improve your digital security, this plan will make you feel much calmer for a few euros a month.

Iberia Plus Plan

If you like to travel, this is your plan. In a partnership between Iberia and Santander, you can accumulate Avios with your income and expenses made with the Santander One card. Find out on the Santander website because you can save up to 10% off each flight and have free flights when you accumulate enough Avios.

Payment Plan

Another plan, but this time heavy to make things easy for you if you usually send a lot of transfers. With a flat rate of € 3 per month, you can send as many immediate transfers as you want, as well as deposit checks at the office, make international transfers or have protection insurance at ATMs.

VIP Attention Plan

If you want a personalized service plan by chat and phone 24 hours a day, this is your option. You will also have premium legal guidance and alerts to know the most important changes to your account instantly. Yes, only € 3 per month.

Travel Plan

We come to the last plan, this time the travel plan brings us interesting options if we usually travel since we have assistance for card theft, travel insurance, currency purchase and withdrawal without commission at any ATM in the world.

Santander customer service

Located among the three best banks in Spain, Banco Santander’s customer service is characterized by being multi-channel, professional and free

The telephone service is available from Monday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., at the free phone number 915 123 123. Valid for clients and non-clients

The company also offers other contact channels and other telephone lines available 24 hours a day for different specific customer service services.

The Banco Santander has a significant deployment services to the customer . The bank offers consumers support through its website, through telephone lines and also through social networks.

Customers of banking entities increasingly value customer service and Banco Santander is fully aware of this. The satisfaction surveys and the opinions of your customers that can be found on the internet are good proof of the quality of the service.

Currently, the formula they provide in terms of customer service is in line with that which can also be found in other banking entities. However, Banco Santander has strengthened all its digital channels to improve the quality of response to both individuals and companies and / or institutions.

Banco Santander customer service phone

The entity has several telephone lines. These are the Banco Santander customer service telephone numbers:

  • Free telephone number for customers (individuals): 915 123 123
  • Free telephone for clients (institutions): 912 737 176
  • Free urgent phone number (theft or card blocking): 900 811 381
  • Home claims telephone: 911 773 546

Banco Santander offers numerous different services to its clients, as well as working with both individuals and businesses. For this reason, it has two completely different lines depending on the type of customer. It is the best way for them to offer care tailored to the needs of each one.

The quality they offer through their telephone service is quite remarkable. In fact, according to various satisfaction surveys, it is one of the banks that best takes care of this aspect. They have long hours, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday to Saturday . In addition, some of its lines are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In the case of care for home claims and urgent help, designed especially for incidents with cards, they are available 24/7 . In all other cases, outside of customer service, it is recommended to contact through other channels such as digital.

Along with all this, the Banco Santander website also allows direct contact with personnel to consult any questions or make any claim. The company is committed to flexibility and versatility in this area, therefore, it also provides more options through its online portal and the customer area .

On the other hand, for companies, it offers a free and exclusive line at 912 737 176, with a schedule from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. This is the only telephone line available to professionals, along with the web panel and the service in offices.

For inquiries about banking operations, technical questions, contracting services or products, Banco Santander has its telephone lines available both for this and to solve urgent problems derived from your insurance policies or your bank cards. All of them completely free and always attended by professionals .

Other customer service options of Banco Santander

Although telephone assistance is essential for Banco Santander, the entity does not hesitate to offer other alternatives for customers. One thing it can boast of is providing personalized assistance for all of them. For this, Santander Personal offers a personalized online service that offers a manager for each user, regardless of the channel. You can have a professional by phone, email, video call or direct call.

It also offers an option of assistance by email through the email address The most traditional formula on the internet, with which they guarantee a professional and concise answer in the shortest possible time.

The last digital contact option offered by Banco Santander is the Twitter account @santander_resp . Through this, and from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, the team solves any questions from the bank’s clients in Spain. For the bank’s clients in its international offices, there are different accounts to contact depending on the location.

Lastly, and for less digital users, any Banco Santander branch has its doors open for any queries or management from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

⚖️ Conclusion

Santander One is the best option on the market if you meet the conditions to avoid having to pay the monthly commission of € 20 . If you meet them, no other account will offer you the advantages that this account has, in addition to the extra plans that will complete the account for only € 3 per month.

The security offered by a bank like Santander is also key for us to have scored this account with a 4.5 / 5, since the authorities have put the risk level of this financial product to a minimum (1/6).