How to invest in the stock market with Renta4? What are the positive and negative opinions?

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This broker is Spanish and therefore all its support is in our language.
You can start trading on the stock market from just € 2.
Wide variety of additional services such as portfolio management, investment in funds, pensions, etc.

Renta4Banco is one of the most popular and long-lived Spanish brokers on the financial scene. With more than 35 years offering its services, this operator stands out for its personalized management service and its support 100% in Spanish and focused on our country.

Renta4’s opinions are varied, many positive, but others negative due to the complexity and variety of its commissions, which makes it very difficult to understand them and they are above market standards. More with the internationalization of the financial sector that allows us today to operate with commission-free brokers such as Robinhood .

However, as we will see in this article, Renta4 is an excellent broker for those people who have just started in the world of finance and want a manager to take them by the hand in their investments, either because they are new or because directly they do not want to know anything about finances and they only want to have a small return per month with their money.

In this article we have compiled all the opinions of Renta4 and we have tested the service to be able to bring you the most complete information about this company that allows you to know a little more about this Spanish stock broker and decide whether or not you want to start working with them with the as much information as possible.

1. You can start trading at their online broker from just € 2.
2. The commissions are somewhat confusing and high compared to the market average.
3. The support is in Spanish and you can receive help to design your investment portfolio.

Who is Renta4 for

We have already mentioned that this broker is designed for inexperienced users who want to start in the world of the stock market without running the risk of investing in international operators. In addition, it is also a broker widely used by elderly people who have always operated with them and do not want to change, or who directly prefer to carry out operations by phone. Renta4 offers this service to make it easier for non-investors to trade on the stock market.

If you do not get along with computers, you want a telephone service and even a manager to help you design your portfolio based on your capital and risk aversion, this broker may interest you. Otherwise, the high commissions and the lack of assets such as cryptocurrencies or the possibility of leveraging beyond 2: 1, can make this broker fall short in your daily operations and you are looking for something more current like Interactive Brokers .

πŸ‘ Pros
1. Spanish broker with support in Spanish.
2. Various investment options in the stock market, funds and pension plans.
3. Possibility to start trading from € 2.
4. Portfolio management.
πŸ‘Ž Cons
1. Commissions above industry standards.
2. Limited platform.

Pros explained

  • We are facing one of the most important Spanish brokers so if you want support in Spanish, Renta4 offers it to you. They will also help you design your portfolio and guide you to choose the investment mode that best suits your desired level of risk.
  • There are several investment options ranging from Spanish, European and American stocks to funds and pension plans.
  • Although it is not recommended because the commissions will make you lose all your capital almost instantly, you can start operating from € 2 so you will need a very low minimum capital to start.
  • If you need help, you will have at your disposal a personal manager who will help you configure your portfolio, eliminating entry barriers to investing in the stock market.

Cons Explained

  • The commissions, in addition to being confusing and confusing, are above the industry standards, especially if we compare them with those of other brokers that allow you to operate with hardly any commissions. For markets outside of Spain they are very high and unless you operate with a large amount of money, it is not profitable.
  • Renta4’s online trading platform is limited and we miss some options such as the possibility of backtesting or buying and selling cryptocurrencies.


As we have already mentioned, Renta4 commissions are messy and above average. However, we are going to try to explain the most common ones, although you have all the information about the commissions to operate in the stock market with Renta4 on its website .

With this broker there is the option of operating in the traditional hand, by phone. That is why they differentiate between internet and telephone commissions. The commissions for operating from your online broker with Spanish shares are the following:

We see that if you operate up to € 6,000 you will have to pay € 4 for each operation. If this operation is intraday (you buy and sell the same day), the cost per operation will be € 2.

If you trade € 6,000 to € 50,000 of cash, the cost will be € 9 and € 4.5 if you trade intraday. It does not matter if you open an option with € 7,000 than with € 49,999, the cost will be the same.

For operations of more than € 50,000, the commission for opening a transaction that lasts more than one day is 0.10%. If it is an intraday operation, the commission is € 0.05.

In the case of operations carried out by telephone for Spanish stocks, these are the commissions:

Up to € 2,400 the fee per operation will be € 6, € 3 if it is an intraday operation. From € 2,400 it will be by percentage, 0.25% for operations of more than one day and 0.125% for those that are closed on the same day.

In the case of wanting to operate with shares of international stock exchanges, it is even more complicated. Let’s look at the example of operations on the US stock market:

As you can see, you will have to pay $ 15 for each operation of up to $ 30,000 and 0.15% for each operation of more than $ 30,000. The price shoots up when they are OTCs operations, reaching $ 50 per operation of less than $ 30,000 and 0.20% for those with a greater amount.

In addition to these commissions, in all cases the custody costs and the contracting and subscription fees would have to be added.

Trading platform

Renta4 has its own trading platform operating 24 hours a day. You will be able to do the following orders:

  • At market price
  • The best price
  • Limited in price
  • With minimal volume
  • With “all or nothing” restrictions
  • Execute and cancel another action

In this platform you will also be able to see the real-time quotes of the main stock exchanges, you will also have the option to operate with double your money (margin operation).

Another feature of this platform is that it allows you to have several multi-currency accounts, perfect for when you operate in several currencies. It is also accessible from the mobile phone and the desktop, with the same functions on both devices.

Although somewhat limited, there is the option of performing technical analysis on the charts, to which you can add traders. However, you will not be able to backtest.

Financial product offerings

Renta4’s offer of financial products is quite wide. You will be able to negotiate with shares on the stock market (Spain, main European countries such as Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Helsinki, London, Stockholm, Lisbon and Brussels and the United States that include NYSE, Nasdaq, AMEX), ETFs, futures, warrants, CFDs, forex and fixed income products.

All these products can be freely operated in your online broker or you can delegate the management of your portfolio. In addition, this bank also has a section on pension plans designed for those who want to ensure income in retirement.

Some investment options such as cryptocurrencies are missing, but we cannot deny that it is a fairly wide offer and the main stock exchanges are highly represented, with special emphasis on the Spanish stock market that not only includes the IBEX, you can also operate in the Market Alternative Stock Market (MAB) and in the Latin American stock market Latibex.

Customer Support

For Spanish investors, Renta4’s customer service is one of the best we can find since we are dealing with a Spanish broker. This makes things much easier when it comes to finding a solution, but in the case of this entity it goes much further and they will even help us to configure our portfolio if we wish.

The first contact with Renta4 can be with a call that they make directly to new clients. In order for them to call you, you can leave your telephone number or directly call 900 92 44 54. This telephone number can also be used to contact you in case of problems or changes in your account.

It is possible to contact Renta4 by email, for this they have enabled this email: They are also operational on your Twitter , Facebook or Instagram account .

Finally, if you want to request an appointment with a financial specialist to help you with the management of your portfolio, you can request a telephone appointment from this link .


Renta4’s training commitment is, without a doubt, one of the best on the market. This company has bet enormously on training its clients, knowing that a trained client is a client who wants to invest in more financial assets.

Renta4 offers online and face-to-face training and seminars for clients. At the moment only online seminars are available, but soon you will be able to attend both modalities again. This is the central axis of the formation of this entity and you will be able to take advantage of it at no additional cost just for being a client.

Weekly offers tips and market analysis on his video blog . A way for clients to stay up-to-date with the latest news on the stock and financial market in general.

Finally, the Calendar section is important where you can see upcoming events that may affect the financial market and that you should know.


The more than 75,000 clients who trust this entity is a clear example that we are dealing with a reliable broker. In addition, it is regulated by the National Securities Market Commission and your funds are covered following Spanish legislation.

It is true that with this entity you can trade CFDs and other assets with great volatility that can put your portfolio at risk, especially when you take advantage of that 2: 1 margin that Renta4 offers. You must be careful and train yourself so as not to lose your capital due to a bad investment in these high-risk assets.

To maximize the security of the online broker of this broker, it is always recommended to put a secure password that you should not share with anyone, keep in mind that your money will be deposited there and if someone enters your account they can do whatever they want with it.

βš–οΈ Conclusion

If you intend to operate only on the Spanish stock market, Renta4 is a good option. The positive opinions about this entity also speak of the pension plans and the management of the account when we do not want to worry about anything.

It is true that if you want to have an active management, do day trading and operate with stocks from other countries, Renta4 is not for you due to many factors: high commissions and a limited platform.

Renta4 is still one of the most used brokers by older investors as you can even buy and sell shares over the phone.Send your opinion about this company