Openbank Payroll Account

What are the commissions of the Openbank payroll account? What is the customer service number? Is it reliable?

Openbank Payroll Account
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100% digital and telephone account, without the need to do paperwork in the office and with the guarantee of Banco Santander.
Recover 1% of your receipts.
No commissions or maintenance fees.

Openbank is the first telephone and digital bank in Spain. Subsidiary of the Banco Santander group, it offers its electronic banking services since 1995 . It also has several financial products, deposits and insurance that have allowed it to reach several countries with its 2019 international expansion: Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal.

As a pioneer in the electronic banking sector, it has one of the most complete mobile applications to be able to carry out any type of action. In fact, it was the first bank with a native mobile application for Android and iOS. It also has a telephone service capable of doing almost anything you need with your bank.

One of the best known products of this entity is the payroll account. In this article, after personally analyzing this account as well as the different comments of thousands of users, we are going to leave you with our opinions of the Open Payroll Account .

As always, these opinions do not represent a purchase or investment recommendation. They should simply help you make a much more complete decision.

1. This Openbank payroll account has no commissions if you direct your payroll.
2. You will be able to carry out all operations over the internet or by phone.
3. You can enjoy discounts at gas stations and other establishments.

Who is the Openbank Payroll Account for?

As always happens with these types of accounts, as long as you meet the requirements to avoid having to pay commissions, it will be a highly recommended product for you. In this case, given that the opinions of the customers and ours has been positive (4.5 out of 5 stars), it can be a product to consider if you meet the requirements.

The main requirement is that you domicile a payroll . However, if you have a source of income other than a payroll (self-employed, benefit, etc.), you can make a monthly income of € 900 to make the most of this financial product and without commissions.

If you have bills for electricity, telephone, gas, etc. In your name, it is also an account that may interest you because with Openbank you receive 1% in balance of the amount spent so you can save a few euros every month.

Finally, if you have money saved, you will have the Savings account at your disposal and, thanks to this payroll account, you will have a more favorable interest.

👍 Pros
1. No commissions or card expenses
2. 1% remuneration on your fixed expenses
3. Free transfers to Spain and Europe
4. 7500 ATMs at your disposal
Get discounts and exclusive promotions
👎 Cons
1. It is necessary to have a salary or € 900 per
month of income to be able to enjoy the benefits
of this account
2. For many people, not having a physical office is a negative factor.

Pros explained

  • No commissions or card expenses : If you direct your payroll you will not have to pay registration or maintenance fees for this account. The debit and credit cards for the holder do not have any type of cost either.
  • 1% remuneration on your fixed expenses . The expenses of electricity, water, gas or any other type of domiciled expense will have a remuneration of 1% that you will receive in your account in the form of an extra balance.
  • Free transfers to Spain and Europe . Transfers to other accounts in Spain and Europe are free as long as they are standard (immediate ones that will have a cost are not included).
  • 7,500 ATMs at your disposal . You will have at your disposal the Banco Santander ATM network to withdraw money at no cost. You can also enter and withdraw money from the 3,000 offices of this entity.
  • Get exclusive discounts and promotions . With Open Discounts, you will have special prices at gas stations and other establishments that adhere to this program.

Cons Explained

  • The payroll that is required to be able to have this account without commissions is € 900 , either a payroll as such or a monthly periodic income. It is quite a high requirement compared to other banks.
  • Although you can deposit and withdraw money at Banco Santander offices, as it is an Openbank account, you will not have a manager assigned to that office and the most complete procedures are done online or by phone. For people less used to electronic banking, it can be a disadvantage when opting for the Open payroll account.

Commissions Open Payroll Account

If you meet the conditions, you will not have to pay anything to have this Openbank Payroll Account . But let’s see what the conditions are first of all.

The following must be domiciled (at least one):

  • Payroll of € 900 or more
  • Pension of € 900 or more
  • Unemployment benefit of € 900 or more

In the event that you do not have any of these options, you can send a transfer from another entity of € 900 every month.

Fulfilling these requirements, there is no opening or closing commission . The maintenance fee is also free . There is no option to have a payroll account if you do not have the aforementioned requirements, so you will not be able to pay a monthly commission to enjoy the advantages, you would have to look for other checking accounts .

There are also no commissions for debit or credit cards, or registration or maintenance. As long as these cards are for the first Openbank account holder.

The no immediate national and European transfers are free and do not incur fees. Immediate transfers have an excessive cost compared to other entities and the price is € 4 for each transaction.

You do not have to pay for direct debit bills and you will even receive 1% of what you spend on these bills for electricity, water, etc. that are in your name.

Withdrawal of cash at the more than 7,000 Santander ATMs is free and at the rest of the ATMs it depends on the fee charged by the other entities (a message will appear on the screen, price upon withdrawal).


As in the case of the Santander One account , it is difficult to find a more secure account as it is backed by Banco Santander.

If we look at the risk indicator for this financial product, it is 1/6 , with 1 being the level of least existing risk. In addition, Openbank as an entity is attached to the Deposit Guarantee Fund , guaranteeing the deposits of its clients for up to € 100,000.

For many people, the fact that it is an electronic bank may cause certain doubts, but the risk is limited to the same that we can find in other banks that have online banking. We have found some negative opinion about Openbank in this regard, but really the problems come from setting a weak password or sharing your bank details with third parties. You should always make sure that your password is as secure as possible and never give this data to anyone.

Thanks to the fact that Openbank is a pioneer bank in Spain in electronic banking, it continues to bet every day on improving the security of its customers with biometric accesses and double authentication connection.

Cards, cash withdrawals and compensation

Openbank debit and credit cards

As we have mentioned, there is no registration and maintenance fee for the debit and credit cards of the first holder of this Openbank Payroll Account.

The Open Debit debit card allows you to pay with the money available in your account and withdraw without commission at Openbank and Banco Sabadell ATMs in Spain.

In other entities in Spain and Europe, it depends on the commission charged by the bank of the ATM in question. Outside Europe the commission will be 4.5%, the minimum being € 3.50.

The Open Credit credit card has a commission for withdrawing at the Openbank or Santander ATM of 3.90%, the minimum being € 3.90. In other entities they could also charge, in addition to this commission, a commission from each bank.


One of the advantages of this payroll account is that you will receive a refund of 1% of all the bills that you have domiciled in your name for water, gas, electricity, internet, etc.

You can also open an Openbank savings account to get remuneration from your savings since this payroll account does not have any type of remuneration. What it does do is improve the profitability of the savings account with improved interest rates.


Transfers to other national and European accounts are free with the Openbank payroll account when we refer to non-immediate transfers. In this case the prices of € 4 for each transfer.

The commissions not SEPA are included in this table:

With Openbank bizzum is included so you can use this service to send and receive money from your contacts at no additional cost, all transfers with bizzum are free.

Openbank discounts

Open Discounts is an extra service for clients of this bank with a payroll account (among others), which will allow you to save on your purchases. There are currently a large number of active promotions in Cortefiel, Springfield, Booking or Starbucks among others.

Just by paying with your Openbank account you can enjoy these discounts that sometimes exceed 15 or 20%.

Openbank customer service

Openbank’s customer service is one of its strengths. Since its beginnings as an electronic bank, it has understood the importance of offering good telephone service and on its online channels, so the opinions about Openbank’s service are very positive.

How to open an Openbank payroll account

Possibly your first contact with this bank is opening the account. There are two ways to do it, if you are a customer or if you are not yet and want to start your relationship with this bank through this account:

  • If you are not a customer : You have at your disposal the telephone number 91 177 33 37 to register the account. If you are in Madrid you can also go to the office they have at Paseo de la Castellana 134.
  • If you are already a client : From your client area, in the Current account section, you can register this account.

How to contact Openbank

If you have already registered this payroll account and want to contact Openbank because you have had an incident, you have several ways to receive assistance.

By phone at 91 177 33 10 they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also contact by WhatsApp, on +34 607 365 366 . This service is only available from Monday to Sunday from 8 in the morning to 10 at night.

By email, at , they will solve your doubts or problems with a response time that is usually less than 48 hours. You can also receive help from the entity’s social networks, especially from its Twitter account .

Finally, if you are in Madrid and want to receive care in person, you can make an appointment at the office located at Paseo de la Castella number 34 . The telephone number to make an appointment is 91 342 10 00 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The opening hours of this office are from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

⚖️ Conclusion

Santander has done very well with Openbank. It built an electronic banking brand to attract younger customers who were looking for a more casual brand and with a focus on the new online and telephone channels.

This, together with everything that this payroll account includes, has made the opinions very positive and we are facing one of the best accounts of this type ; without commissions, with remuneration for direct debit receipts and with all the guarantees and services of Banco Santander such as those 7,000 ATMs to withdraw money without commission.