What is the O2 coverage like? Does the internet work well? What is the customer service telephone number?

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It has very cheap rates.
It belongs to the Telefónica group, so it has the guarantee of this great company.
They bet on an ethical treatment with the client.

O2 Spain began its journey in the world of telecommunications relatively recently. It was in 2018 when Telefónica decided to create this low cost brand , but with ethical values ​​and taking care of the customer. To do this, it contacted the former CEO of Pepephone, Pedro Serrahima , and since its launch they have already added almost half a million clients.

Thanks to this good treatment with the client, the opinions of O2 are very positive . In addition, its infrastructures are shared with Telefonica (and the Movistar line), so it is based on one of the best coverage on the national scene. Although O2 also operates in other countries such as the United Kingdom or Germany. That if, with other lines other than the Spanish one that always does it under the Movistar line as we have just mentioned.

With a very simple offer where you can choose between fiber, mobile or a pack of both, this company wants to be at the forefront of virtual mobile operators. Like Finetwork , these companies rent the lines and can thus be more competitive in price.

In this article we will analyze the positive and negative opinions of this company so that your choice is correct and you can enjoy a mobile and internet service that adapts to your needs.

1. O2 operates with the Movistar line so the coverage will be the same.
2. Customer service stands out for its ethics and excellence.
3. The rates are simple and inexpensive.

O2 Top Opinions

Doing an internet search we find that the opinions of O2 are very positive . We have tested the service ourselves to verify that this is so and the truth is that we have been delighted. There are few bad things we can say about this company beyond a temporary line cut in hard-to-reach areas.

What stands out about this company and what its users value the most is customer service . Something that is very surprising in the fiber and mobile operators sector , since normally the criticisms come from this decentralized, almost inhuman attention where selling is more important than serving a current client well. This does not happen with O2 and so say the thousands of positive opinions about this company.

Cheap rates are also highly valued and O2 is, without a doubt, Movistar’s low cost operator . In addition, they are very simple and easy to understand offers. Something that is valued in this age of increasingly complex and messy offers, packs and services.

👍 Pros
1. It has the coverage of Movistar
2. Rates are cheap and simple
3. Fast, efficient and ethical customer service
👎 Cons
1. Reduced services if you are looking for something more complete like television.
2. It does not offer ADSL for customers without fiber coverage.
3. No incentives or promotions to receive free or reduced-price phones

Pros explained

  • It has the coverage of Movistar . As we have already mentioned, O2 belongs to the Telefónica group. It is a virtual operator that works with the Movistar line, so all the mobile and fiber clients of this company will have the same internet coverage and service as those of Movistar. Something very positive since it is one of the most stable lines, with coverage also continuing in all corners of Spain.
  • The rates are cheap and simple . O2 has opted for simple rates with fiber, mobile and packs of both services. In addition, as it is considered a low-cost company, it offers very competitive prices for those who just want internet or mobile phone without many more complications or extras.
  • Fast, efficient and ethical customer service . The customer service of this company is one of the most remarkable aspects and therefore its valuation skyrockets. It is centralized in Spain, it is very fast in solving the problems you may have and it is also ethical. If you want to leave the company, they will not ask you for explanations, nor will they try to capture you with calls at all hours if you have not yet joined O2.

Cons Explained

  • Reduced services . Although there was talk that O2 will be able to start offering Movistar’s fusion packs, nothing has yet been confirmed and at the moment if you want an extra service such as television, you cannot contract it with this operator.
  • It does not offer ADSL . It also does not have ADSL available, so if your home does not have fiber coverage, you will not be able to contract the internet with them. However, this rarely happens as Movistar has the largest fiber network in Spain and O2 works with this network. With a little luck you can enjoy this fiber at very affordable prices.
  • Unfortunately, with this company there is no option to get a low-cost or reduced-price mobile phone . It will be necessary to have a free telephone to be able to use the services of this company.

O2 rates

O2’s mobile and fiber rates stand out for their simplicity and inexpensive price . They are not the cheapest on the market, but if we take into account that we are going to use the network of one of the largest communication companies in the world, then these low-cost rates are among the best of all virtual operators.

Mobile rates

If we start talking about the cheapest, for € 10 per month VAT included you have the mobile rate with 10 GB of data and unlimited calls . These calls are to national mobiles and landlines and European countries with Roaming.

The € 20 per month rate also includes unlimited calls, but this time you can browse at maximum 4G speed up to 30 GB per month . As soon as you consume these gigabytes, you will be able to browse at 64 kbps.

In both rates the SMS are unlimited, there is no permanence and you will be able to consult the data that you have left, consumption, etc. from the “My O2” app available in the main iPhone and Android app stores.

Fiber and mobile rates

O2 does not have the option of a fiber-only rate and you will have to combine it with one of these fiber + mobile rates.

Again we start with the cheapest. This more mobile fiber package is priced at € 38 per month and includes the following:

  • 300MB symmetric fiber
  • 5 GB to connect to the internet with your mobile phone
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Line fee included in those € 38 per month
  • Without permanence

If you are looking for a little more speed to connect to the internet and have more data on your mobile, the € 50 per month option is perfect for you:

As you can see in the image, this pack includes the following:

  • 600MB symmetric fiber
  • 30 GB to connect to the internet with your mobile phone
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited SMS
  • Line fee included in those € 50 per month
  • Without permanence

The installation of the fiber, as is the case with most companies, is free. In addition, this rate includes you, together with the mobile line with 30 GB, a fixed line with unlimited calls .

You can add up to 4 lines to this rate and share the remaining data between these 4 lines. The price for each extra line is € 15 per month and includes the same (30 GB and unlimited lines).

For € 5 per month you can buy up to 3 duplicate sim cards to use, for example, on your Apple Watch.

Extra services

This company does not stand out for its extra services. In fact, until recently, you only had the option of adding an additional line and passing data from one line to another through your app. Now he has also added television. We tell you a little more:

Additional lines

O2 attaches great importance to its service of additional lines so that the whole family can be registered with this company.

You can register an additional line for only € 10 per month that includes 5 GB of data and unlimited calls to national landlines and mobiles.

If you are looking for more data for € 15 per month you can register an additional line with 30 GB and, again, also with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles.

Both rates include unlimited SMS and have no permanence. Once the data is exhausted, you will surf at 64 kbps until the next billing period that you will surf with 4G again.


For only € 8 per month, without permanence and with up to two simultaneous reproductions, O2 brings you the possibility of contracting Movistar + Lite , the cheapest option to have television in your home.

In addition to all the DTT channels, with this platform you can watch Movistar channels as well as FOX, Comedy Central or AMC programs, among others. You will need a television with Smart TV to use this service.

O2 Customer Support

In this article we have mentioned several times that O2’s customer service is very good , it has excellent reviews and the positive opinions about this company are mainly due to this.

It is a centralized customer service in Spain, something that customers often value a lot. In addition, it is defined as an ethical customer service , which does not seek to charge more to the user, or have penalties or try to sell its services to everything. The workers of this company do not charge an extra to sell you a service or because you stay in the company, they charge for their work of giving you support and help. It is something inherited from its CEO who has wanted to bring the same ethical company spirit that Pepephoe already had since its birth.

To contact O2 you can do so by phone at  1551 , Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. You can also contact support by email at  help@O2online.es .

The company’s social media channels are also very active and will solve your problems in less than 24 hours. The one that works best is Twitter , they offer customer service in your account from Monday to Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The account is  @ O2ES .

You can also complete the form that appears on their website to receive assistance.

⚖️ Conclusion

With all this information about O2 we cannot conclude anything other than to affirm that we are facing one of the best low-cost companies . Excellent quality customer service, good rates, simple and without trying to sell you over or charge you penalties.

There are points to improve, such as the lack of incentives in the form of a mobile phone or reduced extra services, but they are anecdotal since the important thing is more than fulfilled.