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What is Másmovil’s coverage like? What are the opinions? How to contact customer service?

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The fastest fiber in Spain as confirmed by an independent company
Multiple services at very affordable prices
Cell phones at cheap prices to renew the terminal

Másmovil began operating in 2008 and since then its growth has been spectacular. The company has achieved more and more clients and the business group has even managed to acquire companies like Yoigo, ranking among the largest companies in our country. For all this, we believe that writing an article about the opinions of Másmovil was necessary since there is much to say about this company.

The first thing we have to mention is that this company has its own ADSL and Fiber network infrastructure , as well as 4G mobile and of course the new 5G. The number of users who use its internet network is close to 50 million and almost 100% of the users who use its mobile network. Without a doubt, we are facing a great company.

In recent months, Másmovil has acquired an electricity company so that very soon we will be able to get this service from the company’s website. In fact, it is something that its subsidiary, Yoigo, already offers among its services. Meanwhile, these are the options available from their services:

  • Internet (ADSL and fiber)
  • Mobile
  • Internet + Mobile
  • Internet + Landline
  • Landline only
  • TV

In this article we will be looking at the different services, as well as analyzing the positive and negative opinions about Másmovil that we have compiled. We have also tested this service to give you the most complete information about this company and that you can assess whether or not it is worth hiring it.

1. It is one of the most important fiber and mobile companies in all of Spain.
2. It has a large number of options, rates and prices.
3. The support has not been the best valued of all the options available in our country.

Main opinions of Másmovil

In summary, we can affirm that the opinions of Másmovil are positive . The quality of service and coverage is highly valued. The negative part comes from the customer service side, where the service is not always what is expected and the waiting times to resolve incidents are well above average.

Despite this, Másmovil is working on solving customer service and already has eight communication channels to resolve incidents, so the opinions on this side should be more positive in the coming months.

Leaving aside customer service, Másmovil prices are extremely competitive and sometimes you can get promotions of up to 50% discount forever, something that makes the number of customers increase continuously.

👍 Pros
1. One of the largest companies in the country
2. Multiple offers in fiber, mobile and television
3. One of the best valued hedges on the market
Mobile phone deals
4. Up to 8 channels to contact Másmovil
👎 Cons
1. Slow customer service
2. Obligatory stay of 12 months for the internet rate
3. It is not possible to contract a rate with unlimited gigs

Pros explained

  • Másmovil is one of the most important companies that offer fiber and mobile service in the country, with its own fiber and mobile coverage network that spans the entire national network. You know that if there is a problem, they will fix it themselves.
  • They have numerous fiber, mobile and television packages and depending on your needs you can adapt them. In addition, in most packages you can get promotions of up to 50%, so Másmovil prices are among the most competitive on the market.
  • The coverage of this company has been highly valued by its customers, something that is not surprising since this company has the largest 4G network in Spain.
  • With Másmovil you can find a large number of mobile phone deals to renew your terminal.
  • This company is trying to improve its customer service and to facilitate contact with them has created 8 service channels ranging from social networks to the telephone or direct assistance to stores.

Cons Explained

  • Unfortunately for the company, the negative opinions of Másmovil always come from the customer service side. It is a slow service and not always effective.
  • The permanence for many of their internet services is usually 12 months . You will have to be in this company this time or else you will have to pay a penalty.
  • With the amount of multimedia content that exists on the internet, many users demand the rate of unlimited gigabytes on the internet that at the moment is not available in this company.

Másmovil rates

Masmovil’s rates have become one of the best in recent years, as their infrastructure has increased. In this section we will see one by one all the options that they offer us. Keep in mind that these prices can be lowered with portability and you can even get a discount of up to 50%.

Mobile rates

Mobile rates are mainly divided into these two. On the one hand, the 8GB internet rate (€ 8.9 per month) and that of 20 (€ 13.9 per month). In both houses the calls are unlimited , they do not imply permanence and you have the possibility of expansion with internet gigas bonuses.

Fiber and fixed rates

Again we find two alternatives. If we want to browse with a speed of 100 Mb, the price is € 29.99 per month. If we want a 600 MB fiber , this time we will have to pay € 44.99 per month, although there is an offer that the first three months the price is the same as 100 Mb.

In both rates, the fiber is symmetrical and includes a landline with unlimited calls to landlines . For unlimited calls to mobiles there is a bonus of € 3 per month that you can purchase. The fiber offered by this company is certified by nPerf as the fastest in Spain.

From this link you can check if you have fiber coverage  in your home. If you cannot use this service, the ADSL rate up to 20Mb is available.

In addition to these contract rates, Másmovil also allows you to contract this rate prepaid 

As you can see, the options are very cheap and range from the 600MB internet plan with 50 minutes in calls at € 4.90 per month to the 8GB internet option and calls at 0 cents per minute for € 15 per month. If you only want the phone to call, the option that best suits you is unlimited calls without internet gigs for € 9.90 per month.

Fiber and mobile rates

The most complete that this company has is the fiber and mobile pack. We are going to see these packages in detail, starting with the 100 megabyte fiber:

In addition to having 100 mb symmetrical at home, it includes landline with unlimited calls to other landlines. Depending on your mobile line, you have two options:

  • 20 GB of internet and unlimited calls for € 39.90 per month
  • 25 GB of internet and unlimited calls for € 44.90 per month. There is a promotion and the price for the first three months will be € 39.90 per month.

Both rates include the possibility of adding a second free line with 3GB of data and unlimited calls. So this rate is perfect for a couple who for less than € 40 will have two mobile lines and fiber at home.

If you are looking for an internet connection with a higher speed, the best option is the symmetrical 600 MB fiber, which in turn is divided into two:

  • 20GB of internet with unlimited calls for € 49.90. There is a promotion and the first three months the price will be € 39.90
  • 25GB of internet with unlimited calls for € 54.90. There is a promotion and the first three months the price will be € 39.90

This rate includes a landline with unlimited calls to other landlines, as well as a free second line with 3GB of internet and unlimited calls.

Keep in mind that the sale prices that you see in these sections are only given when a 12-month stay is signed.

Landline PLUS Landline rate

If you only want to hire a landline, Másmovil also gives you this option. The price is € 12.90 per month and includes unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles and is compatible with telecare, making it a service designed for dependent people. PLUS Fixed can be used with any phone that supports SIM card.


This company does not have a television service as such, but you can add an extra service to mobile and fiber rates for € 6 per month called Agile TV .

With this device you can turn your television into a Smart TV. In addition to watching the usual DTT channels (and being able to record them), this device comes with Chromecast integrated as well as the possibility of downloading applications such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Also included is a free subscription to Rakuten TV and a free month to FlixOlé and StarzPlay.

Mobile coverage

98% of mobile phone users in Spain use the Másmovil network, so we can ensure without fear of being wrong that the coverage with this company is the best of all existing companies.

It is true that if this coverage does not reach some corners, the company has agreements with other operators to reach most of the towns and corners where you need a mobile phone.

Fiber coverage

Opinions on Másmovil’s fiber coverage are also very positive as the network is growing by leaps and bounds. Although it is not yet found in all municipalities, but as an alternative you can hire the ADSL rate of up to 20 megabytes .

The experiences with this ADSL if they are more negative because depending on the distance with the antenna your connection may be greater or less and there are several users who complain that their connection is only 2-3 megabytes maximum. If we add Wi-Fi and several connected computers to the remoteness of the antenna, this is quite common. Fortunately, fiber is increasingly in more cities and towns.

Is Más Móvil’s fiber symmetric?

That’s right, the fiber of all the rates of this company is symmetrical so you can download and upload at the same speed, something highly valued today if you want to stream or upload any document to the network.

Cheap mobile offer

The offer of cheap mobiles of more mobile is quite complete. In fact, with portability you can even get a totally free phone. From this website you can see everything the company offers and, depending on whether it is a portability or a new number (both landline and mobile), you can see the prices.

In addition to mobile phones, you can also get other technological products such as scales, watches or even wireless headphones. If you already have a good phone, these options allow you to get free products if you decide to do the portability to Másmovil.

Másmovil customer service

As we have commented throughout the article, the opinions of Másmovil’s customer service are not positive . There is talk of slow attention that does not always solve problems. However, this company is trying to improve this negative aspect and has become the company that has enabled the most channels to provide customer service, in total there have been 8 open channels.

The first of these is the telephone. If you are not a customer, the phone number is 900 696 00. If you are a customer, you can contact support directly from 2373 if you call from a Másmovil phone or from 911 333 333 .

You can also contact via email by writing to stating your problem, which you can also manage from the Másmovil app available for Android and iOS.

Finally, you can also contact from the company’s social networks :

You can also go directly to one of the physical stores that this company has throughout the Spanish geography.

⚖️ Conclusion

After analyzing all this complete information about the Másmovil company, we can affirm that we are dealing with a large company that has grown based on acquisitions of other companies and that offers one of the services with the best coverage and prices in both fiber and mobile phones.

It is true that the negative part is in the support, it should continue to improve. There are also criticisms on the side of the unlimited gig rate, which is highly demanded and which may be key to attracting new customers to this company.

🗣️ Opinion of our users

Next we leave you the possibility to read directly the opinion of our users, as well as to leave yours if you have been or are a client of Másmovil.