Money Pro: application for money management

In this article we want to talk about Money Pro , an interesting application for money management .

For many, one of the pillars of financial independence is spending control . As we discussed in our article on tips to start investing , reducing expenses is, along with increasing income, the key to being able to retire as soon as possible and be the owner of our time.

Although willpower will be the key to control and reduce spending as necessary, having tools like this application will help us. With Money Pro we can add the expenses we make (as well as the income) and know at all times what the current situation of our economy is .

Although it is the historical data part that makes an application like this essential in our monetary management since we will be able to know what the most important expenses have been in the last month, year or desired time selection. In addition, as we can categorize each of these spending items, the control will be maximum and highly visual thanks to the powerful interface of this application.

Download Money Pro

This application is available for iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac . From its website we can find all the download options , as well as all the download platforms for applications such as Google Play or Apple Store.

It has payment functions that will allow us to define budgets and take our spending control to the next level, although the free version is enough to start with.

Example of using Money Pro for money management

We are going to see an example of the use of this app that you will surely find useful. We will imagine a subject with the following data:

  • Bank savings : € 10,000
  • Monthly income : € 3,000
  • Monthly expense : € 2,000

The first thing we will have to create in the Balance tab is that saving. We create a new checking account called Bank and we put that € 10,000.

The next step will be to go to the Budgets and add the forecasts, both income and expenses. If the categories that are defined are not the ones we need, we can create them ourselves. In this way we will have defined all the money that we will enter and that we plan to spend and then see what we have left as the month remains.

Finally, in the Today tab , we can add the expenses that are made day by day. We will add the amount and the payment method, in order to have the updated bank account. We will do something similar with the income.

We will easily turn this app as the center of operations when it comes to managing our money . In addition, you can always have it available and it is very easy to add and eliminate expenses. Although you can do all this with an excel or a Google Drive spreadsheet, without a doubt the ease of using this app whenever you want is not found in these other options.

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