ING Direct Payroll Account

Do I have to pay commissions in the ING payroll account? What are the opinions? How about customer service?

ING Payroll Account
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Account without commissions if you meet the requirements.
Electronic banking, all remote services by internet or telephone.
Free cards and transfers.

ING Direct has managed to position itself as one of the most important online banks, not only in Spain, its presence is international and is found in most countries. Being its star product this payroll account from which we will give you our opinion and the opinions of hundreds of clients that we have analyzed.

ING Group, based in the Netherlands, is the parent company of ING Direct Spain, which is the one who markets this financial product. Today it is one of the safest banks and this checking account has the highest financial security score.

In this article we have wanted to analyze the main opinions of the ING payroll account , for this we have divided the final score into several aspects such as commissions, transfers, cards or customer service. In addition to being able to read this assessment, we wanted to collect the information about this account so that you can learn a little more about this financial product and decide if you are interested in setting up a new checking account.

As we always say, these opinions are not an investment recommendation. You yourself must evaluate the quality of these financial products, but we consider that the more information you have at your disposal like this, the better decisions you will make when choosing the best checking accounts .

1. If you direct your payroll you will not have to pay commissions for this checking account.
2. All the management is done by phone or internet, there are very few physical offices in Spain.
3. Cards and transfers are free.

Who is the ING Payroll Account for?

If you are looking for a current account without commissions and meet the conditions to be able to have an ING payroll account, this financial product may interest you.

The main condition is to have a direct debit payroll . If you do not have a payroll, you will have to pay a maintenance commission for certain activities, cards, etc. and it does not compensate you. However, as we will see in the commissions section, there are alternatives to enjoy the advantages of this account without having a payroll.

If you are looking for a safe bank with the guarantee of a European entity with the highest security ratios, ING is your bank. In addition, you will have very interesting complementary services such as the Orange Account or the ING broker among others.

Of course, you must handle well with new technologies because with ING everything is managed online and by phone. There are hardly any offices in Spain and even account registration is done through these channels. Nor will you have a personal manager or other features of traditional banking. If you are looking for this, you will have to go to other accounts such as Santander One that does offer the close treatment of an office.

👍 Pros
1. No commissions when directing your payroll.
2. 1/6 risk level, the minimum for financial products
3. Free transfers and cards
4. 100% remote banking (by phone or electronic)
5. Access to extra services such as Orange account
👎 Cons
1. Very few offices in Spain
2. Slow phone service
3. Service outages

Pros explained

  • If you direct your payroll with ING, you have no commissions on this account . If you do not have a payroll, you can deposit the required money from other accounts to enjoy all the advantages of this checking account.
  • The risk level of this payroll account is 1/6, the lowest within the risk scale for financial products. ING bank is a very safe entity.
  • SEPA transfers are free , as well as sending money through Bizum or the debit and credit cards associated with your account.
  • ING is 100% remote , so you won’t have to go to an office at all. You can do everything by phone and, especially, from your electronic banking (desktop or mobile application).
  • With your payroll account you will be able to access other ING savings and investment services such as the Orange Account or the broker available to buy shares.

Cons Explained

  • If you are looking for a bank that has offices where you can consult with your manager about operations or offers, this is not your bank since ING hardly has offices throughout our country and everything is done electronically.
  • The fact that all the procedures are done over the internet or by phone makes customer service slow and sometimes you have to wait 10 or 15 minutes to be attended .
  • Although on a specific basis, but there are 3-4 falls per year of the application that usually cause inconvenience to the clients of this and the rest of the accounts of the Dutch entity.

ING Payroll Account Commissions


Like most payroll accounts ( see another example like the OpenBank payroll account ), if you meet a series of conditions you will not have to pay any commission . In the case of the ING payroll account, these are the requirements to be able to enjoy zero commissions (at least one of the following):

  • Domicile a payroll of at least € 700
  • Have domiciled a pension or unemployment benefit of at least € 700
  • Send a transfer from another bank to this account worth € 700 per month (or more)

As soon as you have the requirements just mentioned, you will be able to enjoy this ING payroll account without commissions (neither opening nor maintenance). In addition, all national and European transfers are free as long as they are less than € 50,000. You can also send by bizum at no cost.

Regarding debit or credit card fees, they do not exist. Neither emission nor maintenance. You can withdraw cash without commission at more than 50,000 ATMs with your debit card.


ING Direct Spain and its parent ING Group is one of the safest banks in the world . In fact, this account has a 1/6 risk, which is the minimum granted for financial products.

ING BANK NV is attached to the Dutch Deposit Guarantee System which guarantees up to € 100,000 per depositor.

We can conclude, therefore, that we are facing a financial product with maximum security and that we will not have problems, except for a global catastrophe, with our money. It will always be available and we can have it with full liquidity.

Cards, cash withdrawals and compensation

ING debit and credit cards

As you can see in the image, thanks to this payroll account you can have your debit and credit card for free . You do not have to pay for the issuance, for the renewal or for their maintenance.

Although in this section it puts the credit card at the same level as the debit card, it is important to mention that the credit card will only be granted if your financial status is healthy and you can face the credit payments that you generate with this card.

Cash withdrawals are free in the ING ATM network, which is made up of more than 50,000 ATMs . As always, this will be with your debit card and you can search for the ATMs that make up this network and see which one you have nearby from this link .

The network is made up of the following ATMs:

  • ING
  • Euronet
  • Cashzone
  • March bench
  • Euro Automatic Cash ATMs

In the event that you are going to withdraw more than € 50, you can do it for free at any Bankia ATM. In the rest of the ATMs, if the withdrawal is more than € 200, it will also be free, regardless of the entity.


With Twyp you can get money in a multitude of establishments such as El Corte Inglés, Día or the Shell gas stations. It has no commissions and is a different way to get cash when you can’t find a nearby ATM.

This application, included in your payroll account, has a large number of functionalities that will allow you to send money to someone for free, create a joint one for a gift or, as we just mentioned, the possibility of withdrawing cash in stores and department stores.


This account, like most payroll accounts, is unpaid . However, it allows you to access the ING Orange Account, which has a yield of 0.01% APR on your balance. A much lower profitability than that offered by other banks for this type of account, but which can be complemented well with the payroll account and “less is nothing.”

In addition, you can also access other savings and investment products with this account:

  • Investment funds
  • Orange Broker (Stock Exchange)
  • Pension plans


Transfers from your payroll account are totally free . This includes transfers that are sent to Spain and Europe and are up to € 50,000.

If they are sent before 1 pm, they arrive that same day at the destination account.

You can also send money through Bizum instantly. This service has no extra cost and you can use it from the ING application.

Additional services

There are a series of very interesting extras that come with your payroll account, they are the following:

  • Switching cards on and off . You can reduce the risk of your card being used by turning it off and on from the ING application.
  • Pay with Apple Pay . The cards in this account are compatible with Apple Pay so you can easily pay with your iPhone.
  • Foreign currency at your home . If you are going on a trip or need foreign currency, this entity offers you the possibility of receiving foreign currency at your home.
  • Discovered free for two days . If it costs you to reach the end of the month, you can spend two days in the red at no extra cost.
  • Online hiring . All the contracting can be done online from this page , without having to go to an office.

ING customer service

ING’s customer service is generally good. It is a bank that was born online and without offices, so it is used to dealing with customers through the telephone or the Internet . But there are still many things to improve and the negative opinions of the ING payroll account usually come from the support side.

It is quite common for you to call this entity and find a robot that tells you over and over again that the phones are busy and the waiting times can go to 10 or 15 minutes. Time is money and this should be improved by ING. It is true that once you get to speak with an operator the answer is usually very good and you can solve everything you need without going to an office.

To contact ING, the customer service telephone number is 91 206 66 66  and  901 105 115 . If you are not yet a customer, you can contact them from 91 206 66 55  and  901 020 901 .

They are also active on their social networks and answer questions and provide support. You can contact them from their Facebook page or their Twitter account .

You can receive help in any of the offices that the entity has open in Spain. They are not as many as those of other banks, but they do exist (usually in the main cities). You can see those that are available from the office search engine on the ING website .

⚖️ Conclusion

If you are looking for an online bank, ING is the best option since it has been doing this type of banking for decades. The payroll account, adapted to this philosophy remotely, is ideal for those people who have a payroll and do not want to pay commissions in their checking account.

It does not offer remuneration and the customer service is somewhat slow at specific times, but the ease of withdrawing money with its network of ATMs and the free transfers and cards, make that without a doubt we are facing one of the best current accounts that can be hire today in Spain.