Does the internet go down in Finetwork? Do you have good coverage? What is the customer service telephone number? What is Finetwork?

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One of the cheapest rates on the market.
Definitive prices, they are not promotional prices that later go up.

You can accumulate the gigas that you do not spend for the next few months.

Finetwork is one of the newest telecommunications companies on the market, so it is normal that you are looking for Finetwork opinions . In this article we are going to help you to know a little more about this company, the opinion we have and the opinions of the hundreds of users who have tried this company and have told us about their experience.

This company is not a traditional operator, it is a virtual telecommunications operator since it offers its services with the network of other companies. The network that Finetwork works with is that of Vodafone, so it shares coverage, although not rates or customer service since they are totally different companies. To give you an idea of ​​how this world of IPOs works , Finetwork rents the network to Vodafone and already sells its services at the price you consider.

In recent months there has been a lot of talk about this company since it has opted to work with athletes such as Fernando Alonso, the Spanish soccer and basketball team, some modest Spanish soccer team and a long list of celebrities.

Finetwork offers the following services:

  • Mobile
  • Fiber
  • Fiber and mobile

It also has a referral plan that is becoming very popular among the youngest, the Friend Plan , which will allow you to get € 15 for yourself and another € 15 for your friend if you take him to Finetwork. And it is that this company has bet with young people since it has services and extras very thought for them, such as the possibility of storing the gigas that you do not spend to use them next month.

Finally, we will also tell you about their customer service, which has received a lot of criticism and is the most negative part of this company in its months of operation.

1. Finetwork operates as a virtual operator, the line is that of Vodafone.
2. Customer service has to adapt to the great growth that this company has undergone.
3. You can store gigs and earn money with each friend you bring to Finetwork.

Finetwork Top Opinions

We found on the internet two clear opinions of Finetwork, on the one hand those users who are happy and have no complaints, praising that there is finally a telecommunications company that does well in terms of prices and conditions. But, on the other hand, we have users who complain about the lack of response from customer service, problems with line cuts in the fiber, etc.

The latter are the ones that are heard the most, because people who do something well do not usually go to put it on the internet because it is what is expected of a company, that it offers you a good service.

In our experience, the service is not as negative as you can read in these comments. Of course, they would have to improve customer service , but we know that they are already working on it.

👍 Pros
1. Cheaper rates than traditional companies
2. Coverage shared with a top company like Vodafone
3. You can accumulate the gigs of other months
4. You earn money with every friend who goes with you to Finetwork
5. Customer service in Spain
👎 Cons
1. Problems with slow customer service response
2. It does not have its own coverage so it depends on third-party companies
3. You do not have the option of unlimited gigs
4. There are no promotions that allow us to get free mobiles.

Pros explained

  • From just under € 4 you can hire one of Finetwork’s mobile rates. It is, without a doubt, one of the companies with the lowest prices . Also, these prices are not promotional and you can keep them forever.
  • Thanks to the rental of the line to Vofadone , you will enjoy the coverage of this company on your mobile (4G +) and fiber. So you don’t have to fear if you wonder what Finetwork coverage looks like.
  • You will be able to accumulate the gigs of your rate that you have not consumed a month to spend the next month. In this way you will be able to use the gigabytes of the months that you use them the least and move them to the months that you use them the most, such as in summer. You can also share your gigs with other Finetwork users.
  • With the Finetwork Friend Plan you can earn € 15 with each friend you bring to this company. Your friend will also get another € 15.
  • The customer service of this company, contrary to what happens with most telecommunications companies , if you are in our country.

Cons Explained

  • This company has grown a lot in just one year, so customer service is still not great enough to respond at the required speed. There have been many negative reviews and opinions about Finetwork customer service, but they are already working on fixing it.
  • By having the coverage of another company, in the event that there is a problem with it, they cannot do anything, just wait. The normal thing is that there are no failures, but if there are they remain in the hands of a third company as it is a virtual operator.
  • As you do not own your own network, you cannot offer the unlimited gigs service . It is a service that for many has become essential and Finetwork cannot offer it to us.
  • In this company, contrary to what happens in most traditional operators, you cannot get free mobile phones or discounts . We have to have a free mobile to be able to use the contracted service.

Finetwork fees

As we have already mentioned, Finetwork’s rates are among the cheapest on the market . They are surprising for the variety and the options to be able to choose the one that best suits what we need, both in our internet connection and in our mobile phone.

Mobile Rates

As you can see in this image there are a wide variety of options in the Finetwork mobile rate .

If we start with the voice-only option , without an internet connection, we find these two options:

  • 100 minutes in calls, without internet connection and 100 free sms. € 3.90 per month
  • 6000 minutes in calls, without internet connection and 1000 free sms. € 6.90 per month

If we are looking for an internet connection with our mobile rate , there are also several options available here:

  • 8 gigabytes of internet connection and unlimited calls for € 8.90 per month
  • 10 gigs and unlimited calls for € 9.90 per month
  • 12 gigs and unlimited calls for € 10.90 per month
  • 23 gigs and unlimited calls for € 14.90 per month
  • 30 gigs and unlimited calls for € 19.90 per month

In this company there is no option of unlimited gigabytes . Nor do we have the option of hiring a prepaid mobile phone, they are all by contract.

Fiber rates

Again we find very cheap fiber rates. They are divided into three depending on the speed. The first one, for € 20.90 allows us to achieve a speed of 100 MB . For € 24.90 we have 300 MB and if we want a 600 MB symmetric internet connection we can have it for € 29.90.

If we compare these rates with other operators like Yoigo , we see that we can save a lot of euros if we opt for this virtual operator.

Is the Finetwork fiber symmetrical?

Depending on the coverage you have, you can enjoy symmetrical fiber in all these packages. If you upload videos or stream, it will be very interesting for you to have the same upload speed as download speed since normally companies only guarantee that speed for downloads.

Fiber + mobile rates

Finally, Finetwork presents us with three closed fiber + mobile packs for those who want to focus all their telecommunications in a single company. Of course, there is no landline since as a result of the disuse of this product, this company does not force its customers to have it as if others do, thus saving us a few euros thanks to this.

The first of the packages offers us for € 34.70 per month with VAT included the 100 mega fiber, in addition to 2 mobile lines with 6 gigabytes each . Mobile lines also have up to 6,000 minutes in calls and 1,000 sms.

The second package, for the same price of € 34.70 per month, includes 300 MB fiber and in this case a single mobile with 24 gigabytes of internet use . This phone line has 6,000 minutes of calls and 1,000 sms included.

Finally, the most complete package for € 39.90 that includes 300 megabytes of fiber, two mobile lines with 12 GB of internet use each . It also includes the 6,000 minutes of calls and the 1,000 sms included.

Gigabank / Gigatransfer and Plan Amigo

We love these two Finetwork services and people too, so we wanted to explain them a little more.

With Gigabank you will be able to store the data that you have not consumed to be able to use them later. With the philosophy of the data is yours and if you have paid for it you must keep it, Finetwork has wanted to revolutionize the sector with this great idea.

With Gigatransfer you will be able to send that excess data to another user of the same company. If you have a friend who has made more use of his data and they no longer have any left over, you can send him what you have left over so that he can use the internet again with Finetwork’s 4G + speed and coverage.

Last but not least, Plan Amigo can help you get some money. If you bring your friends to Finetwork, you will get € 15 for you and € 15 for your friend. You just have to give your code when you register online or by phone. You can use this plan as much as you want and thus have your mobile line and fiber free for months.

Finetwork customer support

We have already mentioned that there are not many compliments about customer service among Finetwork opinions. Although it is in Spain and the care is correct, problems are not always solved in the expected time . Possibly the result of the line being from another company and Finetwork cannot do more than wait for the problem to be solved.

You can contact Finetwork customer service through their Twitter or Instagram page. They are also available from 1777 or 910 052 432 from Monday to Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

From the website of this company, in the Contact section , you can also contact them after filling in a small form.

With all these contact methods you can solve the following issues:

  • Faults and breakdowns
  • Hiring and registration of any of the aforementioned services
  • Doubts
  • Low
  • Any issue that needs to be resolved by customer service

The fact of being a company that has achieved exponential growth in users in a short time has undermined the response of its customer service. However, it is already improving and the criticisms and negative opinions that were seen at the beginning of entering with advertisements on television are no longer seen as much.

⚖️ Conclusion

After analyzing all the opinions of Finetwork we can conclude that we are facing a highly recommended operator and nothing else solves your problems with customer service and the specific cuts will be among the great because the investment in advertising you are making will help you.

All the gig bank strategies, the friend plan and the style of their ads allow us to see how Finetwork seeks to attract young audiences. With the rates it has, it will be very easy for you to get it because they are really cheap and very complete. It just lacks the ever more demanded unlimited gigabyte rate.

In fact, in just one year of existence this company has obtained more than 500,000 clients , they will be doing something right and that 4-star rating out of 5 that we have awarded it is no accident.