What are the commissions? Is it reliable? What negative and positive opinions are there of Bnext?

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Bnext is one of the new banks that has emerged with the digital economy. Founded in 2017, several clients have joined this neobank that defends the agility of banking and the reduction of costs to reduce commissions to clients.

The opinions of Bnext that we find in the network are very positive because aspects such as customer service or the unforeseen collection of commissions are part of the culture of this company, providing a very positive support service and reducing the collection of commissions.

Today this company has managed to reach Latin America and in 2019 it achieved the milestone of reaching 300,000 customers. In just two years they have become the star fintech in Spain and compete from you to you with similar banks such as Revolut .

Who is Bnext for?

Bnext is not intended for everyone. It is a new concept of bank that requires users to have a medium level of internet use. If you do not know how to enter your electronic banking, download an app or issue online transfers, this is not your bank.

In addition, it is a bank designed for users who buy online since you can see your charge instantly (the application will notify you) and in case of problem you can block the card to avoid unforeseen charges or even account theft.

Finally, if you travel abroad, Bnext has free cash withdrawals abroad so it will be your ally to get money outside our borders.

👍 Pros
1. 100% online banking
2. Free prepaid card
3. No commissions at ATMs in Spain and around the world
4. With Spanish IBAN
👎 Cons
1. No physical offices
2. Specific problems with the app
3. Somewhat slow customer service

Pros explained

  • This bank is 100% online and you can do all the transactions from a mobile phone or computer. From registration to any transfer or consultation, as well as the cancellation itself, it will be done online or by phone.
  • Your account includes a totally free prepaid card, it has no registration or maintenance fee.
  • You can withdraw and pay in Spain and around the world without commissions. Up to € 2,000 per month and up to € 500 per month at ATMs around the world, you will not have to pay any extra.
  • Very soon you will be able to have a Spanish IBAN with your account so you can pay taxes and any product or service that requires a national IBAN.

Cons Explained

  • Being thought of as 100% online banking, there are no physical offices of this entity, so you may be unhappy if you are looking for this service. You will not have a personal manager or anyone to turn to for personalized service.
  • We have collected several negative opinions from Bnext about its application since some times a year it has suffered a problem in the quality of it and it restarts, does not run or gives a problem. Something important to correct for remote banking.
  • We have also found that customer service is sometimes slow in solving customer problems. Although he is improving this section, he still has a long way to go. In addition, it is not possible to contact by phone.

Bnext commissions

Bnext’s commissions are among the best on the market. It is not necessary for any type of commission for registering, maintaining or closing your account with this entity.

In addition, money withdrawals are also commission-free (up to a limit) and this includes Spain, Europe and the whole world, making it a perfect account for those who travel abroad or intend to live a season in a country that not Spain.

Bnext has two plans available, one free and the other paid.

Although they are very similar plans, the Premium allows you to have more cash withdrawals and greater flexibility when it comes to having physical and virtual cards, in addition to being able to enjoy some extra service such as help in filing income or insurance Travel.


Bnext is supervised by the Bank of Spain, something mandatory for all financial institutions and which gives us great security when hiring any service from this bank.

As we can see on its website , Bnext acts according to the guidelines of the Supervisory Authorities with maximum transparency.

The accesses to the Bnext accounts are of maximum security, with access by fingerprint and visual. It is important, however, that you maintain maximum security when managing your password so that this product is even more secure. Never give your password to someone else or make it public.

Cards, cash withdrawals and compensation

Bnext prepaid card

With Bnext you have a prepaid card available per year with no registration or maintenance fees. This card can be blocked at any time from the app in case of loss or theft.

You can add this card to your mobile phone to pay directly with it. Both on Android phones and soon at Apple.

You also have at your disposal a virtual card per year, if you want more the price is € 3.90 per card.

For Premium users they can choose between the black or white color of the card (the normal one is pink). They also have the option of getting three virtual cards a year at no additional cost.

Cash withdrawals

As we have been commenting in this article, cash withdrawals with Bnext are free. With the free version, you have the following number of withdrawals without commission:

  • 3 times a month in Spain
  • 3 times a month abroad

In the event that the ATM charges you a commission, the entity will return it to you.

For the premium version these are the conditions:

  • 5 times a month in Spain
  • 5 times a month abroad

You can also pay in foreign currency, in the case of the free version they are up to € 2,000 per month, in the case of the premium version they are 3,000 per month.


Bnext has several partner stores ( you can see them here ) and with each purchase you will receive a refund. This rebate increases in percentage as you make more purchases or switch from the free to the premium account.

Refunds vary a lot depending on each store, you can see all the options from the Rewards section of your Bnext app.


With the free rate of Bnext you cannot make transfers to other accounts that are not of this entity. If you can send money between members of this bank as if it were bizzum, but this account is very limited by not being able to send transfers.

The premium account if this option is available and you can send transfers at no additional cost up to € 5,000 per month and a maximum of € 1,000 per transaction per day.

This part of Bnext is somewhat limited and that leaves you behind banks like Revolut that do not limit and allow the sending of transfers.

With the arrival of the Spanish IBAN that this entity will soon have, possibly already if they can send and receive transfers at no cost in all plans.

Additional services

There are many additional services that this entity has that makes it really interesting for those clients who are looking for something more than a simple checking account .

The first one is the option to send and request money. You can do it as if you were dealing with bizum clients of the bank. For the rest, you can create a link for them to send the money from their entity.

You can also create piggy banks, as many as you want and to which you can send the money to save according to your travel goals, home or new car.

Within its complete app, you will be able to see an income and expenses report, perfect for controlling your personal finances in a much more visual way than in traditional electronic banking.

Finally, it has a block with many more services that you can hire:

Unfortunately, these services are not provided by the entity itself, they are agreements that have been reached with other companies to offer this service.

Bnext customer service

Bnext customer service does not have positive opinions. In times of problems such as application crashes or specific failures, support tends to be very slow. However, the commitment of this entity like any electronic bank is to have optimal support to replace the branch network.

The first contact with the Bnext help center can be found on this page . Here you can see answers to the most common questions that can make you solve your problem instantly.

If you need more personalized help or you can’t find your answer, you can contact the online chat that is on the web and that has 24-hour support.

This bank also has a contact email, it is the following: You can also contact them through their Twitter profile and their Facebook page .

Unfortunately this entity does not have a telephone number that you can contact in case of problem or incident.

⚖️ Conclusion

If you want a national electronic bank with facilities to pay and withdraw money abroad, Bnext may be an interesting option. Of course, in its premium version that allows you to make national and international transfers.

There is still a long way to go for this entity to be at the level of other 100% electronic international banks, but advances are already being seen such as the possibility of having a Spanish IBAN that surely brings great advantages to the clients of this bank.

With these details and improved support, Bnext customers are sure to improve their opinions.

🗣️ Opinion of our users

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