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Although bitcoin is a digital currency and we can find most of the information on the internet, a lot of very interesting analog content has come out and that we are going to see in this article about the best Bitcoin books . Because there are many of us who prefer to have all that information concentrated in a book (physical or electronic). Here I present the ones that I have read and they seem essential to understand this cryptocurrency.

📚List of the best books on Bitcoin

I wanted to give this list a chronology, ranging from the first books to read with the most basic aspects to the most technical and complex.

The Little Bitcoin Book

This is the first book that I recommend reading about this digital currency. We are going to start by knowing the economics of bitcoin and why this currency is going to be key in the digital future.

Written by several authors, among them is Jimmy Song, one of the pioneers and who knows the most about this coin. The book will make you understand the bases to begin to enter this exciting world that is already a reality.

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Let’s invent Bitcoin

Yan Pritzker, one of the authors of The Little Bitcoin Book, continues the information about this currency with this book. We can say that it is the continuation of the previous one. In this book, Yan delves deeper into the technical aspects of the invention of the coin. Although do not be scared because it is not necessary to have technical notions to understand everything that Yan explains in this book.

This book, although it has a price of just under € 10 in physical format, can be obtained for free with kindle unlimited.

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Internet of Money

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is one of the most knowledgeable people about cryptocurrencies in the world. He has given hundreds of lectures and these books (there are several volumes) are summaries of them.

If you want to complement and deepen what has been seen in the previous books, I highly recommend “taking a tour” through these books by Andres. In addition, they are also free with kindle unlimited.

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Mastering Bitcoin

If we want to advance on the use of bitcoin core and know how it works , Mastering Bitcoin is going to give us all that knowledge. Again Andreas M. Antonopoulos is the one who tells us step by step how this coin works and how to use it. On these occasions with technical and programming aspects that will not be easy to understand for someone who has not been following the chronology of books proposed here (unless you have price knowledge about cryptocurrencies).

It is available in Spanish and can be purchased for € 20.79 in physical format, although if we have Amazon Unlimited it is completely free in digital format.

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The Bitcoin Standard (The Bitcoin Standard)

To have all the pillars of knowledge about this currency, The Bitcoin Pattern is another very good book that summarizes everything that has happened in recent years.

Written by Saifedean Ammous , it moves away from speculation around investing in this currency, to focus on issues such as the evolution of legal tender, the project of bitcoin to become a decentralized currency or the origin of this entire world.

This book focuses primarily on the economic aspect of this coin . As we say, it moves away from the more technical and programming parts and focuses on the monetary part of the btc.

In addition, the book compares the currency with the rest of the fiat money, giving us lessons on the history of money that are very useful to know the background behind the creation of bitcoin.

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Programming Bitcoin

With this book we move to the next level of knowledge. If you want to know how this virtual currency is programmed, this is your book. It has a very high level of complexity and is also in English, but this is the bible on how to program bitcoin.

Author Jimmy Song shows Python programmers and developers how to program a Bitcoin library from scratch. You will learn to work with the basics, including the math, blocks, network, and transactions behind this popular cryptocurrency and its blockchain payment system.

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Grokking Bitcoin

If you want to become one of those who know the most about this currency, after all the books that I have recommended, it would be the turn of “Grokking Bitcoin”. This book, only available in English, is written by Kalle Rosenbaum.

This book goes one step further and opens up Bitcoin as a powerful distributed ledger system. Apply this currency to modern accounting systems and make the most of its possibilities.

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