What is Amena’s coverage like? What are the positive and negative opinions of this company?

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Low rates for telephony and internet.
Accumulate gigabytes to use in the following months.
Mobile discounts to change terminals.

Amena is an Internet and mobile phone company owned by Orange. This company has opted to create a low-cost company that can cope with the new virtual operators such as Finetwork and thus follow the example of Movistar that O2 has created .

If you are of a certain age, surely Amena’s name sounds familiar to you since that was originally the name of the company that Orange acquired several years ago. However, this company has decided to “revive” Amena and in this article we will tell you about the opinions of customers and our experience with this low cost company.

Amena offers mobile and fiber services with cheap rates and the possibility of accumulating gigabytes for the next few months, as well as several options to renew the terminal when its customers want to change and have a new one at a reduced price.

1. Amena is owned by Orange, so the coverage is the same.
2. You can accumulate gigabytes for other months and each year that you spend in this company you receive 1 GB more.
3. The rates of this company are very cheap.

Top Amena Opinions

Beyond its cheap rates, the opinions of Amena that we can find on the internet are not positive. Most users have had the same problem with this company and it is the incorrect treatment received from their customer service department.

Problems that are not solved, slow attention and lack of understanding in a decentralized customer service. Something that is repeated in most fiber and mobile companies and that this company should improve if it wants to be competitive beyond prices.

It is true that we also find good opinions that come from the side of cheap rates, the use of gigs that can be passed from month to month and the possibility of renewing the phone at cheap prices.Β In addition, this company has one of the cheapest fibers on the market.

πŸ‘ Pros
1. Economic rates
2. Gigas accumulation for the next few months
3. Telephone renewal at discounted prices
πŸ‘Ž Cons
1. Decentralized customer service and no good customer reviews
2. No unlimited gig rates
3. You cannot hire extra services such as television

Pros explained

  • Amena’s rates have been rated as one of the cheapest on the market. From € 9.95 per month you can have a mobile rate with 10 GB and unlimited calls.
  • If you do not spend the gigas a month you can use them for the next month. Also, every year you spend in this company they give you one more gig.
  • Amena has a section dedicated to the renewal of phones so if you are from that company you can have a new mobile at a reduced price.

Cons Explained

  • Customer service is the biggest problem for this company. The opinions of the clients are not very happy with the treatment received because they usually do not solve their problems.
  • In this company there is no unlimited gigabyte rate, something in high demand nowadays since there is a large amount of multimedia content to consume that makes the market demand this rate.
  • With Amena you can only contract telephone or fiber, there are no additional options such as the possibility of contracting a television package.

Amena rates

As we have already mentioned, the rates of this company are very cheap. We are going to see below all the options available to become Amena.

Mobile rate

There are six options available in Amena for the mobile rate, these are its main characteristics:

  • 5 GB per month for € 6.95
  • 10 Gb of data per month for € 9.95.
  • 20 GB of data for € 14.95
  • 40GB for € 19.95
  • 50GB for € 24.95

Unlimited calls and unlimited SMS are included in all these rates, as well as having accumulable gigs for the next few months if you don’t spend them. In the rate of € 6.95 if the call establishment is paid.

It is important to mention that these prices are promotional. The € 6.95 5GB rate will return to 4GB when the promotion ends. The € 19.95 rate of 40GB will once again have 25GB. And finally, the € 24.95 50GB rate will once again have 30GB.

This rate has no permanence.

Fiber + mobile rate

With Amena you can also have a more mobile fiber rate.

This service is divided into three rates. All of them have a 100 MB fiber (symmetric fiber from Orange with fixed line with unlimited calls included). The difference in price is in the mobile rate:

  • For € 25.95, in addition to fiber, you have a mobile line with 20 GB of data and unlimited calls.
  • For € 40.95 you have the same as before, but a second line with 10 GB of data
  • For € 45.95 you have a mobile line with 30 GB of data.

In all these Amena rates you have the option of getting a second mobile line with a 50% discount.

The mobile rate has no permanence, but the fiber has 12 months of permanence.

Extra services

The additional services that Amena offers us are very scarce. We cannot have a television service if we want it, since it is only limited to offering us a mobile and fiber service, as well as a fixed line included in the fiber.

If we find the service that this company brings us interesting to renew our terminal. You can get phones at a very cheap price and even pay them in installments within your monthly payment. If you bring your mobile to Amena, the rates are considerably reduced. You also have the option of getting other products if you already have a good terminal, such as airpods.

Finally, this company offers you one more free giga per month each year that you continue with the company. A fun way to retain your most loyal customers.

Amena customer service

As we have been commenting in this article, Amena’s customer service has many deficiencies. The main negative opinions about this company come in this department; Lack of empathy, late resolution of problems and bill failures are the most common problems we encounter on the internet.

Amena support begins in its forum where you can write your doubts, problems or suggestions. There is a group of moderators who work for the company and who try to solve the problems that can be solved from this platform.

You can also contact this company from its social networks:

There is also a help center with answers to the most common questions from Amena users. From this page you can contact the exact department after passing a kind of questionnaire.

Finally, the telephone numbers and contact email of this company are the following:

  • 900 901 460 is the telephone number for hiring
  • 900 900 705 is the Amena customer service phone
  • 900 901 460 is the phone to call from another operator
  • is the contact email

βš–οΈ Conclusion

After analyzing all the services and opinions of Amena, we can conclude that we are dealing with a company with good prices, but that it has aspects to improve in the field of customer service.

If you are looking for something simple and uncomplicated, you can rate this company. But if you want something more complete that includes unlimited gigabytes or other services such as television, Amena may be a little too short for you.