10 tips to save on your electricity bill

Every time we pay more for the electricity bill . Although there is a growing number of companies in the market that seemed to have liberalized the sector, it is not uncommon to see how in times of very cold or very hot, the price of electricity skyrockets and our monthly bill also skyrockets.

In this article we want to give you 10 tips to save on your electricity bill . Surely many of you already knew them, but it never hurts to remember them to take them into account in your day-to-day life and thus be able to lower your bill by up to 50% every month.

Heating and air conditioning

Home heating and air conditioning are the main culprits for high electricity bills and we will undoubtedly find in this section the best options to save money.

Check the closing of windows, doors and appliances

Make sure the fridge and freezer are well sealed to prevent cold air from escaping outside. The same goes for doors and windows. A poor seal allows energy to seep in, increasing your electricity bill.

Fix leaky ducts

Improve system efficiency by repairing leaky HVAC ducts. Nothing like a review of your hot and cold appliances a year to have everything under control and avoid these leaks.

Regulate the temperature of your home

Air conditioning and heating devices do not have to be at full power whenever they are connected. A few degrees less in winter and more in summer can help you lower the cost of the bill without really making much difference at the ambient temperature level. You will continue to be fine but at a lower expense.


Hot water is the second largest expense in supplying energy in most homes. Reducing the consumption of hot water (in the shower and washing clothes and dishes) can significantly reduce your electricity bill.

Shorter showers

Reducing two minutes of your shower time can reduce your water consumption considerably. And if this water is hot, the savings will not only be in water, but also in electricity.

Change the shower faucet

An efficient shower faucet can reduce your water consumption by thousands of liters a year. Look for taps in your usual stores that carry ecological badges to reduce water consumption.

Do not wash clothes in hot water

Use warm or cold water when you wash clothes. You will cut the energy consumption of each wash in half.

Fix leaky faucets

That drip is not only annoying, you also waste liters of water a day. Check the outdoor taps as they tend to leak the most without realizing it.

Adjust the water heater temperature

The default temperature setting on water heaters is usually 140 degrees. Lowering it to 120 degrees can reduce your water heating cost by up to 10%. Are you leaving your house for a few days? Turn your water heater to the lowest setting to save energy.


Keeping lights and electronics on accounts for about 11% or more of a home’s energy use.

Change the bulbs

Save € 75 per year or more by swapping out bulbs for new models with LEDs that have the Energy Star label.

Install dimmer switches

These switches allow you to set the brightness in a room to suit your needs, creating an environment for every occasion and saving electricity by not always being 100%.

With all these tips you are sure to reduce the electricity bill considerably, in addition to reducing the impact on the environment in electricity and water consumption.

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