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Almost anyone today can get a checking account. All banks have and the cost is very small. However, there are some better than others, with and without commissions and with very interesting extra services. To make it easy for you, in this section of our website we have compiled the best current accounts on the market .

We have assessed different aspects that seem key to us when giving an opinion on an account. The commissions to pay are one of these key points, as well as the price per transfer, the network of available ATMs or the security offered by the bank where you will leave your money.

The best checking accounts

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OpenbankassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentAssessmentGet in
Santander OneassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentAssessmentGet in
RevolutassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentAssessmentGet in
BnextassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentAssessmentGet in


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