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If you are looking for the best stock brokers, we will help you with our analysis. We have collected the opinions of thousands of users, analyzed hundreds of brokers and tested their options one by one. If you want to invest intelligently this information interests you.

As you can see in the following table, to value a broker we have looked at different aspects such as the commissions that must be paid, the ease of use of the platform, the financial products available or the customer service it provides. The result (valuation) is not a perfect average since there are factors that we consider more important such as commissions or the security of a broker.

The best stock brokers

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XTBassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentAssessmentGet in
Renta4assessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentAssessmentGet in
eToroassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentAssessmentGet in
Plus500assessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentAssessmentGet in
RobinhoodassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentassessmentAssessmentGet in


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